To an untrained eye, there may be no apparent differences between an off-the-rack suit and a tailor-made garment. However for those familiar with the finer details of a tailor-made garment, the difference is remarkable.


The Jacket


Canvas is the inner material used in a garment to give it shape. Our jackets are constructed with a floating canvas through the shoulder and chest. All layers of canvassing are constructed with natural fibers so the jacket can breathe and shape correctly.


Lapels can be categorised in three main styles: notch, peak and shawl. Options include slim, regular and wide.


Several single breasted and double breasted options.


Ticket pockets are available as well flaps, jets or patches. Chest pocket options are welt or patch. Internal pockets can be standard to one on each side as well as a pen and lower card pocket.

Top Stitching

Pick stitching or a fine top stitch, single or double row all of which are sewn by hand.


None, single or a double vent which offers the most functionality.


Horn or bone buttons are recommended however there are various options. Three, four or five for cuff buttons - kissing or overlapping. All cuff buttons are functioning, we suggest leaving the last button open to show off that the buttons function.


This is a very distinct feature of a custom suit. We prefer to keep it tasteful with your initials, you can choose to have it from under collar or in the inside of your suit jacket.


The Trouser


Flat front, single or double pleats.


Side pockets can be in seam, slanted or jet. Rear pocket styles can be jet with or without buttons.


Bare, belt loops, suspender buttons or side adjusters.


None or below the knee.


Plain of cuff, the cuff can vary on width and help add a bit of extra weight to the garment.


The Shirt


Peak, Long Peak, Long Peak Cutaway, Spread, Semi Cutaway, Button Down, Hidden Button Down, Wing, Contrast Colour, Contrast Neck Band.


Round, Chisel, Chisel Two Button, French Square, French Round, French Chisel, Contrast.


Placket, Plain Front, Concealed, Concealed with Contrast.


Round, Chisel, Round with Button, Chisel with Button.


At Tailor and Co our service includes a customisation process that allows for a personal experience for a garment that is created specifically to your needs. When you come into our showroom for your fitting we go through all the custom features with you, you are not limited to what has been presented above, this is simply a guide to give you a better understanding of what we have to offer.

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