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At Tailor & Co our lead-time is 5- 8 weeks on suits, overcoats, jackets and trousers and approximately 2- 3 weeks on shirts accessories. Variance in timeframes can occur due to fabric choice and availability with our suppliers and Ateliers.

If you are purchasing a wedding suit, then always plan further ahead to avoid any stress leading up to your big day. We recommend a 3 month minimum in advance, this way we can help you achieve exactly what you are after.


On confirmation, we ask for 100% payment upfront for the commencement on your order, unless otherwise advised by management. Your order will only be processed once we have verified your payment.

We accept EFTPOS, all major credit cards, Electronical transfers. Tailor & Co does not accept cash payments.


At Tailor & Co we are committed to our customer's satisfaction with regards to our garment's quality and fit. Due to garments being tailored to a customer's specific fit and measurements, returns will not be accepted. 

Garment care advice


Suits, particularly trousers, need rest from wear. They should ideally be worn in rotation with several other suits to prevent excessive and premature wear. Take good care of your suit and it’ll serve you well. To get the best value out of your suit we recommend an extra pair of trousers. Trousers receive the highest wear in a suit because you sit/stand/dance which regularly generates friction. Two pairs of trousers regularly rotating will provide a longer wardrobe life for your timeless suits.


Where possible, hang your suit on a decent hanger – using a good hanger (wooden or otherwise) that properly supports the shoulders will mean that the suit will maintain the correct shape. A cedar hanger is perfectly shaped and rounded to cause the least amount of damage to your jacket, and it has the added benefits of keeping away those pesky moths and absorbing moisture. If there isn’t a hanger available using the loop in the collar is the next best thing. A good way to hang trousers is clipped from their base, undone at the waist, using the front press line as a guide. Equally, half-folded over the trouser rail of the hanger is perfect too, but carefully match the press line on the fronts.

If you’re storing your suit for a long period and use a suit bag, leave it open a little to allow air to get through. This will stop mould from ruining your tailor’s handiwork. While we’re on the subject of storage, no matter where you are, be it the office, a formal ball, or a wedding, never hang your suit jacket on the back of a chair.



Only dry clean your suit when absolutely necessary. Drycleaners often use harsh chemicals that can impact on the longevity of your suit. Two or three times a year is probably enough for most suits, if you’re using them in a good rotation. Often pressing is enough to freshen up the garment.

Spot clean on localised areas (oils, food stains), apply talcum powder in a small mound onto the spot, then dust off after 12 hours.



Cold machine or hand wash your shirts (at < 30 deg C or cold is best). Please only dry clean or commercially launder shirts at your own risk. The process is a little too harsh and the subsequent pressing is often aggressive. Ask our steam to purchase a wash bag.


BLIND STITCHES ( the hem of your pant )

In your trouser hems (and the hem of an unlined jacket) we use a blind stitch by hand or machine to secure the hem. This is designed to break so that the cloth itself isn’t damaged. Let us know if this happens and we can repair this for you whilst you wait.


Suits are very strong but they deal with a lot, so like your car, expect maintenance to be required at times.

Wear and Tear (Disclaimer)

  • Wear and tear is normal and eventually unavoidable. Tailor & Co is not responsible for wear and tear of a garment. Please read the garment care advice and take advice and cautions from your tailor to prolong the life of your garment.
  • Some specific wear and tear is a result of idiosyncratic behaviours, habits and also certain body shapes (So, it is often unfortunate and unavoidable for the unlucky some. Consult your tailor for the most appropriate cloth if you know you wear in certain areas).
  • Trouser wear in the fork is reasonably common for some men who rub in this area. More delicate and luxurious cloths will fail quickly in these conditions and attempting to solve the problem with an added silk saddle will only delay the expected. It’s not a comprehensive solution. It’s unavoidable in many cases and wool suiting cloths may never hold up in the very worst of cases.
  • All clear cut merino fabrics we keep in our collection top-scored in the Martindale Pill test.
  • Trousers and jackets in some areas employ blind stitching. Blind stitching is used so that it breaks before the cloth is damaged (as a preservation measure). The hem at the base of a trouser is blind stitched for this reason. To avoid constant ‘kick-outs’ please put your socks on first and take care putting your foot through the trouser leg’s base. It’s easily fixed and we’ll do this for you.


After your first appointment with a Tailor & Co tailor, a second fitting will be organised once the garment is made. During this second fitting the tailor will determine, with you, whether any adjustments need to be made. All adjustments that need to be made are conducted in-house at no cost to the client. In the odd case that a garment cannot be adjusted reasonably, Tailor & Co will organise for the client to be re-fitted and the garment will be remade. There is no cost to the client undergoing this process.

Returns & Refunds

Tailor & Co is committed to our customer's satisfaction with respect to the garment's quality and fit. Due to our garments being tailored to a customer's specific fit returns will not be accepted. We do, however, 100% stand by the quality and craftsmanship of our garments, and will work with you to correct any faults (through refund, where appropriate).


Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. The voucher must be presented when wishing to redeem it. Vouchers are non-refundable.